The overview…


Convivio Oaxaca

A place to create!


El Convivio Oaxaca was born with the clear idea to support the independent art scene of Oaxaca, a place with a long history of arts and culture, always trying to redefine itself in this Mexico. Chaotic Mexico….

Why Oaxaca?

You may already know all of the cliches about this exciting city that somehow feels nostalgic, yet always moving further; you may know about the poverty, and the wisdom. Oaxaca is a place where there is always too much or too little. A touristy city where people have no work, and continue to live under a government that has still no idea of how deep and meaningful the place it is.

We think art can leverage this situation.

What is Convivio?

Art is often misunderstood by people living here. Some people think art is supposed to be for wealthy people trying to conquer their new trophy, others think art is for snobby people, and that its only benefit is for recreational purposes. We think differently.

To us, art is a mindset, a tool to benefit society and to put ourselves into a better situation. Oaxaca is an explosive place for contemporary art – every year artists and art lovers come here specifically to enjoy all kinds of artistic expression. Local people are paying attention and starting to wonder about the benefits of such practice: reflection and community.

That’s the reason why Convivio has so many different components; an artist residency, a coworking space, cinema, screen printing workshop, event space, hotel and more. We think of Convivio as a resource to create strength among the community, open to anyone with the shared idea of changing the way we live, to one with less fear, surrounded by people we care about and creating new paths for the future.

Who are we?

Gary McGarvey comes from the mystical land of Ireland, a place almost beyond the edges of the map, but was creatively raised in the Liverpool art scene. Gary, best known as Horse, is a graphic designer and illustrator who mainly focusses on creating screen printed gig posters, a scene still new in the Mexican landscape. He is on the board of directors of the American Poster Institute and organises Flatstock at Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona each year. He’s also founder of Screenadelica, a traveling gig poster festival, that every year makes presentations worldwide, featuring in the past at festivals such as SXSW, Bestival, Liverpool Sound City, OFF festival, Primavera Sound and many others.

Jennifer Perkin is a travel writer and fellow music and food lover who was raised in Melbourne, Australia but likes to move around. Her wanderlust has driven her to make homes in various places including Europe, Central America, Canada, and now Oaxaca, and to visit many others in between. Jen has been published in magazines such as Frankie, The Australian Times, Music Week and others.

Goyo Desgarennes Garzón is involved in projects that have community at the center of every discussion and decision, Trayectivo is a walk around the city that engages locals with contemporary art, to create new perspectives and strengthen communities. He’s also part of Innovando la Tradición, a collective of ceramicists whose goal is to preserve and innovate the ceramic tradition across Oaxaca. Goyo is a self taught person and proud of it.

How do I engage?

We started Convivio with the hopes that it would be a beacon to thinkers, makers, doers and dreamers and that together we can make beautiful things, and have conversations that fosters reflection.

Happenings at Convivio have included music and poetry workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, collage residencies, screen printing, art installations, cultural lectures, swing dance classes, pop-up restaurants, cooking lessons, video mapping courses, life drawing, music performances, DJ sessions and BBQs. You tell us what’s missing!

We’ve collaborated with organisations including AMBULANTE, El Huacal, Trayectivo, Que Pasa Oaxaca, Casa Cervecera Tierra Blanca and Almacén Mexicano locally, as well as individuals and groups from Europe, Australia, South America and beyond. Maybe you will be the next?

Whether you’re simply looking for a creative holiday, or if you have a crazy and impractical idea, we’d love for you to be part of our world.