Ojalá Baez en Vivo

Nos complace anunciar Ojalá Baez: En Vivo en Solidaridad con Las Mujeres, un concierto de música folclórica y una noche de convivencia para fomentar el diálogo intersectorial y el trabajo comunitario para la igualdad y la justicia para las mujeres.   El concierto se presentará el domingo 29 de octubre a las 6pm en las

Mole print

Horse, the creative director of Convivio, is going to be releasing a number of food based prints in the near future, heres a sneak peak at the first in the series, Mole!

The overview…

Convivio Oaxaca A place to create!   El Convivio Oaxaca was born with the clear idea to support the independent art scene of Oaxaca, a place with a long history of arts and culture, always trying to redefine itself in this Mexico. Chaotic Mexico…. Why Oaxaca? You may already know all of the cliches about

Malo Farfan

I was born and raised in México D.F. in 1985. I began painting at the age of 15 mainly in the streets and forgotten places, using these places as my personal canvas to express the ideas harbored in my mind. Now, more than ten years later, I continue to do the same – trying to